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where cutting-edge artificial intelligence meets the dynamic world of social content. Unlock the power of personalized curation and stay effortlessly in tune with the latest trends.

About Vibe AI

At Vibe AI, advanced algorithms power personalized content discovery through intuitive Social Assistants. Our AI refines your content streams with tailored summaries and insights, ensuring you stay informed and engaged with topics that matter most. Elevate your social media experience with proactive curation designed to enhance your understanding and connection.

Blockchain Integration

Vibe AI seamlessly integrates blockchain technology to deliver transparent and tamper-proof platform activities. Key features include:


Token Transactions

Securely buy, sell, and trade tokens through decentralized blockchain mechanisms, ensuring safe and streamlined transactions.


Smart Contracts

Automate essential operations like token distribution, rewards, and governance with smart contracts that reduce intermediaries and build trust.


Decentralized Storage

Protect sensitive data and content with decentralized storage systems, offering enhanced security and privacy.

VAI Token

Vibe AI’s token, ticker VAI on Solana, lies at the heart of our ecosystem, performing critical functions that significantly enhance both user experience and overall platform engagement. As the lifeblood of our digital environment, this token facilitates seamless interactions, rewards meaningful participation, and empowers governance within the community, fostering a vibrant and active user base.


Governance and Growth

Participate in Vibe AI’s governance processes by using the tokens you earn. Influence decision-making and contribute to the strategic direction of our platform. It’s your space to shape — your insights and governance help us grow and evolve.


Earn as You Curate

At Vibe AI, every action you take to curate and enrich the content landscape is rewarded. Use our tokens to gain access to premium features, or save and trade them within our ecosystem. Your intellectual contributions are valuable, and we ensure they are recognized.


Token-Driven Engagement

Vibe AI’s token ecosystem rewards you for your active participation. Engage with content, provide insightful summaries, and shape our platform’s future through governance. Your contributions drive our community forward, earning you tokens that enhance your influence and experience.


Vibe AI employed a fair launch strategy via Pump.fun, guaranteeing that all participants had equitable access to tokens without any pre-mined reserves or exclusive VC allocations. The VAI token has a total supply of 1B (1,000,000,000). The transparent distribution model fosters trust and community involvement. Here’s how the tokens are allocated:

Available through public sale on Raydium (Solana), ensuring that everyone had an equal opportunity to acquire tokens at launch

Project development and sustainability

Key opinion leaders (KOLs)

Strategic advisors

Building and marketing


300,000,000 VAI of the 40% project treasury is locked in a 12-month vesting contract with a linear release daily. See details here

Elevating SocialFi with AI, Vibe AI is transforming social content curation and management

Intelligent Content Curation

Vibe AI harnesses sophisticated AI algorithms to offer a highly personalized social media experience through advanced content curation and summarization:


Automatic Summarization

Leveraging natural language processing (NLP), Vibe AI creates concise summaries of lengthy articles and discussions, helping users quickly grasp essential points and consume  content more efficiently.


Personalized Feeds

Tailor your feed by choosing specific topics, hashtags, or influencers. Vibe AI’s algorithms refine these feeds to prioritize relevance and high-quality content, ensuring each scroll is meaningful.


Interactive AI

Empower your personalized AI agent to uncover specific content or information from your feed. Whether seeking concise summaries or a comprehensive organization of key points across multiple sources, interact with your AI assistant for targeted and streamlined answers. Don’t forget — give your AI agent an identity with a Vibe AI “DataDroid” NFT.

Core Innovations of Vibe AI

Vibe AI stands at the forefront of technological convergence, merging the dynamic capabilities of AI with the security of blockchain to revolutionize social media engagement. This unique integration elevates user experiences by personalizing content interaction and ensures equitable participation with its fair-launch token system. Vibe AI not only adapts to user preferences but also fosters a transparent, secure environment where every interaction contributes to individual and community growth.


“DataDroid” NFT’s give your personal AI assistants the identity of your choosing.


Community rewards incentivize active curation and governance participation through valuable incentives.


AI adapts to your preferences, delivering curated content to enhance your engagement.


  • Enhance AI algorithms for more accurate content summarization and sentiment analysis
  • Integrate with X (Twitter) and various blockchains
  • Launch telegram bot offering social assistant
  • Identify and establish collaborative partnerships
  • Launch DataDroid NFT airdrop
  • Launch website-based platform to enhance the experience
  • Develop proprietary blockchain solutions to reduce dependency on third-party platforms and improve transaction efficiencies
  • Introduce more advanced personalization features, leveraging machine learning to tailor content feeds even further to individual user preferences
  • Grow the global user base
  • Establish Vibe AI as a leading platform in the intersection of SocialFi and AI technologies
  • Innovate new ways for users to interact with and monetize their online presence

Join Us

As we move forward, Vibe AI is set to revolutionize how users experience social media through personalized AI assistants, fostering smarter and more meaningful engagement.

We welcome developers, creators, and visionaries excited by the potential of AI-powered SocialFi to join us in shaping a smarter, more personalized, and inclusive digital future. Together, we’ll redefine social media for the better.